• How do I join Ballare? Do I need to register?
    All you need to do is come and visit us at Ballare, fill out the registration form, and you are free to start any class!
  • At what age can my child start dancing?
    We prefer children to be 2 years 9 months so that they have enough strength and coordination to cope with dancing. The little ones starting baby ballet need to be out of diapers.
  • How much are the classes?
    If you pay individually for each class the cost is 5bd. However if you pay by the term then there is a 10 % percent discount.
  • Are there lessons for boys and girls?
    Yes we welcome boys and girls. The boys particularly enjoy the break dance classes.
  • What does my child need to wear?
    When they first start, they can wear comfortable clothing e.g. tracksuit or leggings and T shirt Bare feet are acceptable or dance shoes for some classes. However once they have decided on the class of their choice we then expect children to have the correct uniform for that particular class.
  • Where can I buy uniforms?
    All uniforms are available for purchase right here at Ballare for your convenience. Please ask at the reception for details.
  • Can my child join if they have never danced before?
    Children that are new to dance are most welcome, we all have to start somewhere!
  • How do we know which grade to start in? Will someone advise us?
    After your first lesson at Ballare your teacher will asses you or your child accordingly.
  • Are the teachers qualified?
    Yes. All teachers are very highly qualified with the International Dance Teachers Association. (IDTA)