Focuses on proper body alignment, flexibility, strength, turnout & extension.
This class is designed for the experienced ballet student, and gives dancers the opportunity to further develop their technique.
Urban BalletUrban Ballet
Taking ballet to the Street! Using, Ballet, Jazz and a Hip Hop influence.
A form of dance integrating ballet, jazz and ethnic dance technique. Classes focus on developing strong rhythmic connections, isolations, levels and spatial awareness.
Based on elements of ballet and modern dance that incorporates isolations of the body, whilst gaining strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, musicality and performance skills.
The performance of balance, positioning, and controlled body movement. Most often associated with acro-dance, circus, and gymnastics.
A great way to develop excellent team work, tumbling , high jumps, kicks and cheers in an enthusiastic, fun atmosphere!
  CheerleadingTwinkle Toes
An introductory class to ballet where children learn fundamentals, rhymes, songs, & early balletic steps.
Turns, Leaps and TechniquesTurns, Leaps, & Technique
Improves dance fundamentals, emphasizing strength, turns, dynamic leaps, and higher jumps.
  Stretch and FlexibilityStretch and Flexibility
Increase your flexibility and gain important strength and endurance.
Hip HopHip Hop
A high energy urban class that combines the latest music with movement and choreography inspired by today’s hottest hip hop techniques.
  Street DanceStreet Dance
Takes any form of popular music from pop to hip hop and choreographs routines to the beats.
Break DanceBreak Dance
A street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement. Dancers will learn the fundamentals of Break Dancing and advance into various movements and tricks.
A form of dance characterized by using one’s shoes, as well as the floor, as a percussive instrument.
Students will learn to create a story by expressing the mood, theme and lyrics of the music through technique, movement quality, style emotion, & improvisation.
  Musical TheatreMusical Theatre
An introduction to a Musical Theatre syllabus that is developed with a fusion of all modern music and dance styles. It takes you to inspirational heights. The spotlight’s on you!
Theatre CraftTheatre Craft
A dance form for theatrical performance, preparing the body physically through exercise, dance movement, improvisation and interpretation of music.
A cardio dance fitness class with vibrant music that combines interval low impact training with exhilarating Latin rhythms. Zumba rhythms and moves burn away many calories and tone your entire body. No experience required!
Focuses on the mind, increasing circulation, and stimulating the internal organs whilst toning the body and increasing flexibility.
A series of workouts for stretching and strengthening leg, arm, back and stomach muscles, which helps to improve co-ordination, posture, balance, and body tone.
A 2-in-1 class that helps create a healthy body and a strong, centered mind!
  Body BalanceBody Balance
A Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates routine that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm.
Ashtanga YogaAshtanga Yoga
A series of postures in logical sequence designed to open, strengthen the body and build stamina. Each posture is an introduction to the next, and joined together with the breath to create a rhythmic experience. Combined with some Vinyasas, this class creates warmth in the body and focuses on core strength.
  Belly DanceTribal Fusion Belly Dance
An ancient healing dance form from the Middle East that utilizes our natural breathing and develops spiritual awareness through conscious singular or unified group movement.
Bollywood DanceBollywood Fusion Dance Classes
The traditional Bollywood dance with its stomping feet, shoulders- struggling, hand -clapping, swinging arms, all the while bouncing dance steps has been modernized.
A very fun energetic Latin dance complete with spins, sharp movements, and crisp turns. Will definitely keep your feet moving!
2017 - 2018 Term Dates:
2017 Fall Term Sunday, 10 September - Thursday, 14 December 2017
2018 Winter/Spring Term Sunday, 7 January - Thursday, 28 March
2018 Summer Term Sunday, 8 April - Thursday, 5 July
2018 Summer Camp  
Full Tuition Fees Per Term:
Afternoon Classes
Per class BD 7 4 classes/wk BD 312
1 class/wk BD 78 5 classes/wk BD 390
2 classes/wk BD 156    
3 classes/wk BD 234    
**For those starting in the middle of the term, we will prorate tuition
Morning/Evening Adult Classes
Per class BD 5
10-class package BD 45
20-class package BD 85
30-class package BD 125
Kids Classes
Trial / per class BD 8 11 weeks BD 66
14 weeks BD 84 10 weeks BD 60
13 weeks BD 78 9 weeks BD 54
12 weeks BD 72 8 weeks BD 48